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136A#23 full Silicone doll

136A#23 full Silicone doll

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  • 1.Quotes include standing, upgraded skeleton, eyebrow implants, upgraded hands and feet, realistic skin textures. Only 10 seats are available.
  • 2. For any questions on the product, please contact star@sm-doll.com

The body high: 136 cm
The body length: 119 cm
Shoulder breadth: 30 cm
Upper chest: 49CM
Lower chest circumference: 44CM
Waist circumference: 60 cm
Hip: 72 cm
Long arms: 41 cm
Length of thigh: 31CM
Shank length: 38CM
Foot bottom: 15 cm
Body weight: 23 kg
Mouth / : 13 cm
Vaginal intercourse: 17 cm
Anal sex: 15 cm
Hand to finger: 54CM
Arm circumference: 20CM
Thigh circumference: 43CM
Calf circumference: 25CM

Customer Reviews



I love this dollI.highly recommend ordering from SM's website, the whole process is very enjoyable and fast. I received the confirmation photo from the factory before the doll was shipped. I received the tracking number soon after I confirmed there was no problem.


She's definitely the best doll I've ever had! Both quality and appearance are very good, SM is great!


She is amazing!She looks exactly like the promotional photo!


Great job! The quality of the doll is very good, I have ordered her for a year, she is still as good as new. I highly recommend upgraded hands and feet, eyebrow implants.


Wow, she looks amazing! Her curves are really beautiful and she has the best quality silicone doll I have. The upgraded hands and feet make her hands and feet harder but also protect her. The eyebrows and hair implants make her look really real. I love this artwork!