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136L Cup#X19 Silicone doll-LuLu

136L Cup#X19 Silicone doll-LuLu

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US$ 2599.20
US$ 2888.00 Save US$ 288.80 (10% Off)
Similar Style
Pubic hair
no pubic hair have a pubic hair(+US$ 150.00)
not to stand standing
wig hair transplant(+US$ 300.00)
Skin color
white pink yellow brown custom color(+US$ 200.00)
Areola color
pink light brown dark brown
green purple blue brown
Nail color
purple pink black white red
Toenail color
008 72 077 91 97 198 316 383 B p63 p81 p83
Upgrade hands and feet
YES(+US$ 100.00) NO
soft(+US$ 50.00) ordinary
soft(+US$ 75.00) ordinary
painting implant(+US$ 100.00)
Reduce weight
YES(+US$ 150.00) NO
Customized Requirements
  • 1. There is a head list on the product details page. You can write the number of your favorite head in the remarks.
  • 2.This order is default upgrade skeleton and real skin texture.
  • 3. Our factory is located in China, and the delivery can be completed within five days from the date of placing the order. It takes about ten days to get to the United States and about fifteen days to get to Europe. For urgent application, please contact star@sm-doll.com
  • 4. For any questions on the product, please contact star@sm-doll.com

body Length: 122 cm
Shoulder breadth: 33 cm
Arm length: 49cm
Upper chest circumference: 95cm
Lower chest circumference: 66cm
Waist: 68 cm
Hip: 107 cm
Thigh length: 29cm
Calf length: 35cm
Leg length: 64 cm
Thigh circumference: 64cm
Calf circumference: 38cm
Foot length: 22 cm
Oral sex:/
Vaginal intercourse: 17 cm
Anal sex: 15 cm
Weight:40kg  ( Reduced weight version 28kg)

Customer Reviews



This is a very beautiful BBW girl! Expect a higher version in the future!


Great, I got my BBW girl! I ordered the weight reduction version. Before I received her, I was worried that her softness would be affected by weight reduction, but when I opened the box and touched her, I was completely relieved. She's still very soft, very real, and she's really light, and I can move her easily. SM is really amazing!


She is the BBW girl of my dreams!Thanks for SM!Great job!


Great job!The quality of this doll is very good!


This was the first doll I ordered, and I was worried before I ordered it because I wasn't sure if I was making the right choice. However, Star was very patient, and she responded to every question of mine very quickly and professionally. When I received the doll, she completely dispelled my concerns because she was amazing. I chose soft ass. Her breasts and ass are soft and very real. The doll smells very little and produces very little oil, which pleases me. The upgraded hands and feet make her hands and feet stronger and look durable, and the soles of her feet look better because there are no screws. I am really satisfied with this doll, I am very happy about this shopping!


SM's silicone doll is of good quality. This is the third silicone doll I have ordered. I also ordered 157C and 138D before this, I am very satisfied with them. SM has done a great job in both the quality of the doll and the softness of the doll, they are ahead of the industry. If you are ordering silicone dolls for the first time, I would suggest you choose their upgraded hands and feet option, which will greatly improve the durability of the dolls. This 136L has huge breasts and hips, which appeals to me, she is really hot, she is the absolute champion of BBW!

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