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  • SM is a large and well-known factory with 10 years of rich experience in the development and production of sexdoll!
  • We have been committed to developing dolls that meet the requirements of more doll lovers. Our 136Elf, 136A Tori, 156 blue "Avatar", 136L Lulu, 136A Katie ...are loved by doll lovers all over the world.
  • The upgraded skeleton we developed not only has a wide range of motion, but also is durable and can do a lot of poses.
  • We created the first weight-reduction version of the silicone doll, and it was a great achievement! The lightest silicone doll is only 16kg, and the final silicone doll does not exceed 33kg, which is not possible in other factories at present.
  • We are good at listening to the opinions of customers, because we want to make high-quality dolls that make customers satisfied, customer satisfaction is our biggest driving force! 
  • Our wish is that every doll lover in the world can have a SMdoll!

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