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SM146cm#57 Item NO: 20103

US$ 1450.00
Similar Style
SM146cm#57 SM146cm#49 SM155cm#55 146cm#57
normal shrug(+US$ 100.00)
ordinary skeleton To upgrade the skeleton(+US$ 200.00)
Pubic hair
no pubic hair have a pubic hair(+US$ 150.00)
not to stand standing(+US$ 100.00)
wig hair transplant(+US$ 300.00)
Skin color
white pink yellow light brown dark brown custom color(+US$ 200.00)
solid breast hollow breast
Areola color
pink light brown dark brown
built-in inserts
blue green brown
Nail color
pink natural french pink french natural
Toenail color
072 077 383 P81 P83
Customized Requirements
  • Skeleton upgrade function: this is an upgrade of the normal skeleton. The first is reflected in five aspects.
  • 1. The insertion head installation is simple, easy to install and more stable, which changes the traditional spiral insertion head installation.
  • 2.The neck can move around.
  • 3. The waist can move around.
  • 4. The doll can sit like a duck.
  • 5. The shoulder of the doll can be hunched.
  • If you are a friend who likes taking photos, I suggest you choose this option!
Product Name SM146cm#57
Item NO 20103
Weight 28.0000 kg = 61.7294 lb = 987.6709 oz
Category 146cm
Tag tpe , 146cm
Brand SMdoll
Creation time 2019-04-17

The body high: 146 cm
The body length: 131 cm
Shoulder breadth: 31 cm
Upper chest circumference: 73CM
Lower chest circumference: 52CM
Waist circumference: 45 cm
Hip: 77 cm
Hand and a long, 44 cm
Thigh length: 33CM
Calf length: 42CM
Foot bottom: 22 cm
Body weight: 28 kg
Mouth / : 13 cm
Vaginal intercourse: 17 cm
Anal sex: 15 cm
Hand to finger: 62CM
Arm circumference: 20CM
Thigh circumference: 44CM
Calf circumference: 27CM


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