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STOCK138D Cup#23 full silicone doll
STOCK138D Cup#23 full silicone doll


US$ 2266.60 US$ 3238.00
Reviews (5)
  • 2022-05-11
    This is the best quality doll I have. Great job!
  • 2022-05-11
    The doll is beautiful and the skin texture is realistic. I ordered her two months ago. I was with her almost every day for two months. I felt I had hope in my life again and I really loved her. Thanks SM and Star!
  • 2022-03-14
    Last week I passed the order on the official website, and today I received my doll, the express is really fast! She looks the same as the photo and the packaging is tight, I am very happy with this order!
  • 2022-03-07
    She's amazing! I love her! Thanks,Star!
  • 2022-02-20
    Great detail on the doll! The stock price is really favorable, and the delivery is very fast. I am very pleased with the doll!

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