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88cm#51 Item NO.: 2013055

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US$ 599.00
Similar Style
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Pubic hair
no pubic hair have a pubic hair(+US$ 150.00)
wig hair transplant(+US$ 300.00)
Skin color
white pink yellow light brown custom color(+US$ 200.00)
Areola color
pink light brown dark brown
blue green brown
Nail color
pink natural french pink french natural
Toenail color
072 077 383 P81 P83
Customized Requirements

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  • 1. Head and wig selection: browse and select in the detail page, and then fill in the customized requirements box.2. Our products have super soft tpe options, which can be noted in the customized requirements box if necessary.
  • 3. Our factory is located in China, and the delivery can be completed within five days from the date of placing the order. It takes about ten days to get to the United States and about fifteen days to get to Europe. For urgent application, please contact star@sm-doll.com
  • 4. For any questions on the product, please contact star@sm-doll.com
  • 5. Once you receive the product, please check it in detail as soon as possible. If you have any quality problems, please contact star@sm-doll.com.
Product Name 88cm#51
Item NO. 2013055
Weight 6 kg = 13.2277 lb = 211.6438 oz
Category Tpe Dolls > 88cm
Tag tpe , mini doll , small doll , 88cm , #51
Brand SMdoll
Creation Time 2022-04-15

The body high: 88 cm
The body length: 74 cm
Shoulder breadth: 16 cm
Upper chest circumference: 42CM
Lower chest circumference: 32CM
Waist circumference: 30 cm
Hip circumference: 45 cm
Hand length: 22 cm
Thigh length: 19CM
Calf length: 23CM
Foot bottom: 14 cm
Body weight: 6 kg
Vaginal intercourse: 17 cm
Hand to finger: 31CM
Arm circumference: 12CM
Thigh circumference: 26CM
Calf circumference: 17CM

If you want to buy her, you can contact star@sm-doll.com

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